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beauty and health

Beauty & Health 

If you have a Beauty and Health business, MINDS will help on your sales processes and maximize your profits. With a marketplace prepared for selling your Beauty and Health products, you also can connect with customers, manage their inventory, and process orders!

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Your advantages

Multiple Languages Management

Manage your beauty business in multiple languages and connect with customers and distributors around the world, breaking down language barriers expanding your reach.

Integrated Marketplace, compatible with Woo Comerce

Our Marketplace is fully integrated with Woo Commerce, providing a seamless shopping experience for your customers while also allowing you to manage your inventory and orders in one place.

Multi-level Network Management

You can easily track sales, commissions, and bonuses across multiple levels of your network, making it simple to reward top performers and keep your team motivated.

Modial Relay Widget 

Integration with Monday Relay allows you perform several operations like live shipping rate, generate shipping labels, track shipment and you can also cancel the shipments.

Easy Carrier Integration

Simplify your retail logistics with easy carrier integration. MINDS making it simple to manage shipping and delivery processes. With real-time tracking and automated order fulfillment, you can streamline your retail operations and provide your customers with a seamless shopping experience.


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