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Retail Industry​ 

MINDS MLM software is used by companies in the Retail Industry that employ multi-level marketing strategies to sell their products or services. Will help you manage the complex networks of distributors by providing tools for tracking sales, commissions, and bonuses, as well as monitoring distributor activity and performance. With MINDS software, companies in the Retail Industry can efficiently manage their sales networks and maximize their profits!

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Your advantages

Challenge between sales representatives

Effective use of MINDS software can help to track and manage this challenges, providing valuable insights into sales and performance metrics.

Inventory Management

MINDS software helps you manage your business inventory by providing tools for tracking stock levels, monitoring product performance, and forecasting demand.

Preparation of orders for users

Create and process orders, track order status, and provide customers with real-time updates on their orders!

Payment of online purchases by Stripe

With Stripe, your customers can easily make quickly and securely online payments!

Mass payment of comissions

Managing and processing payments for a large number of sales representatives can be a challenging and time-consuming task! Automate the process of calculating and distributing commissions to your sales representatives.

Easy onboarding of new employees

Simplify the onboarding process of your new employees with customized training programs and track all of the progress with MINDS Software.

Electronic signature of contracts

Electronic signature functionality in MINDS allows the quick and secure signing of contracts, without the need for physical paperwork. Reduce administrative overheads, and increase the efficiency of the sales network!


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