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MINDS software offers Finance companies the ability to optimize their sales processes, maintain regulatory compliance, and increase their profits. The software's comprehensive suite of features provides businesses with the tools you need to manage your sales networks, track sales and commissions, and monitor distributor performance.  With MINDS companies in the Finance Industry can focus on growing their business and achieving their financial goals.​​ 

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Your advantages

Management of sales contracts

With MINDS you can manage sales contracts, making it easier for your  business to maintain accurate records and ensure compliance with regulations. Simplify your sales processes and reduce administrative overhead!

Supplier Management

Manage relationships with suppliers who provides you the services that you need for your Finance business. 

Tailor-made comission plan

Customized comission plan designed for Finance businesses based on their specific performance and sales goals.

Product sales process training

Provide all the training that your team members need to know how to effectively sell your products and services. This training may include product knowledge, sales techniques, customer relationship management, and other skills necessary for successful product sales.

Digital Signature

This technology provides a convenient and efficient way to sign documents remotely, while also ensuring authenticity and security.

Improve collaboration within network

Improved collaboration can lead to increased efficiency, better decision-making, and a stronger network overall. Achieve this through the use of collaborative messaging inside the platform, virtual meeting, quizzes, tasks and even more!

Multiligual site

This feature allows your business to reach out to potential customers and distributors who may speak different languages, thus expanding your reach and increasing chances of success in international markets.

Adapted to sales in different regions

With MINDS you can adapt the product offerings, marketing materials, and compensation plans to suit the preferences and requirements of the target audience in each region.


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