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Unlock the full potential of your multi-level marketing business with our MLM Commissions Plans! Our reliable MLM software provides seamless commission calculations and streamlined user management, giving you the power to manage your business with ease. Our team of experts can help you develop a rock-solid MLM compensation plan that's tailored to your unique needs, ensuring your success in this fast-paced and competitive industry. Trust us to take your business to new heights of success - let's thrive together!

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Best MLM Compensation Plans

MLM Binary Plan

The Binary Plan is designed to help you succeed by recruiting only two downlines, promoting efficiency and cooperation among your team. With this plan, you'll enjoy a wide range of rewards and incentives that motivate both you and your team to achieve success. driving growth for both you and your company.

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MLM Unilevel Plan

The Unilevel Plan is the ultimate solution for those seeking a streamlined, flexible, and lucrative MLM structure! With this innovative plan, you'll have a dedicated network of recruits placed directly under you, maximizing your earning potential and unlocking new opportunities for success.

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MLM Matrix Plan

In the Matrix Plan members are placed in a fixed matrix, featuring a specific number of rows and columns that ensure maximum results with minimal effort. Unlike other plans, the Matrix MLM Plan allows companies to recruit multiple distributors in the downline while maintaining a fixed number of primary members due to its limited width.

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Struggling with Sales commissions?

Cut the heavy work with our Sales Commissions Software

You'll save 90% of time spent running and managing sales commissions, avoid errors, and crush your targets –all at a significantly lower price than other tools.

Everything on the same place

Choosing Minds to manage and run your sales commissions means you never have to leave our platform. It's 100% native so you keep full control of your data.

Commissions Automation

Let the MLM Platform automatically calculate commissions and bonuses Intelligent calculation according to sales, tiers, levels Commission history Accurate and timely commission payout.

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