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MINDS is a useful platform Real Estate businesses use to manage their sales networks, track sales and commissions, and monitor consultant activity and performance. Now, Real Estate companies can efficiently manage their sales networks and maximize their profits!

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Your advantages

Customized comission plan 

Allows to set commission rates and tailored rules to their specific needs. MINDS enables commissions to be earned by multiple levels, providing a powerful incentive for distributors to build and manage their sales networks.

Easy integration with Netty or ERP/CRM

Easy integration with Netty, ERP, and CRM systems through a connector. With this feature, Real Estate companies can easily track sales, manage commissions, and monitor distributor activity without the need for manual data entry or complex integrations.

Annual license management

The software is licensed on an annual basis, providing companies with the flexibility to scale their usage up or down as needed.

Long term sales management

MINDS software offers the advantage of long-term sales management for Real Estate businesses. This means that companies can use the software to track and manage sales performance over time, providing valuable insights into the effectiveness of their sales network. 


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